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Leybourne MOT Centre

Unwavering commitment to customer service

We are delighted to share our outstanding experience with John White Vehicle Repairs, it is a true gem in the car service industry.

We have been using the garage for many years and they look after all of our school cars. Their knowledge and skills are evident as they address all issues with the cars they deal with. What truly sets them apart is their commitment to explaining the repairs in a way that is easy to understand!

The efficiency of repairs is equally as impressive, they not only complete the work promptly, they keep us informed throughout the process and take last minute bookings to help us out. They also collect and deliver our vehicles which means minimum disruption to our staff and the school day.

We wholeheartedly recommend John White Vehicle Repairs to anyone seeking a high quality garage. The staff are skilled with transparent pricing. They also have an unwavering commitment to customer service. We are grateful for the positive experience and peace of mind they provide our school.

Bower Grove School

ME16 8NL

Leybourne MOT Centre

Top quality parts

John looked after several cars for my family for nearly 30 years, from early 1994 to when he retired in September 2023. They included my good old Morris Minor Traveller, as well as modern cars, new and second hand. His work and approach were consistently excellent. John was always much more than a highly skilled spanner man. He was always careful, intelligent, completely reliable, obliging, helpful, courteous and a superb mechanic who never did less than a really good job.

I’m a decent amateur mechanic and am fussy about my cars. In all my years of dealing with John, I never had to question his work or price. He used top quality parts, dealt carefully with whatever problem I gave him, and was always willing to talk through what needed to be done.

As John progressed from his early mobile one-man-band days to getting good premises and employing staff, he took as much care selecting the right people as he did repairing cars. John’s right-hand man, James, is a carbon copy of his old boss. He takes great trouble to work out the best way to solve a problem, often researching in his own time. He’s carful and skilled, and great at dealing with people. I was sad to see John leave for his well-earned retirement, but he left the garage in very capable hands. I’m confident our cars will be as well looked-after as ever, and I look forward to meeting the new owner one day. I live in Chatham so it’s inconvenient to get to the garage, but I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. John White, you’ve left a great legacy.

Nigel Grant

Leyborune MOT Centre

Best prices

I had spring coils needing done on my van. I called a few garages but these guys were the most friendly people I spoke to and price was the best. They managed to fit me in quickly and even took a look at my loud Citroen and gave me some idea on what’s wrong.came back with quotes quickly and I’ll be using these in future. I’ve since recommended them to my father in law as well. Thank you so much for all your help and I’ll be back soon!

Heather Coster